Advanced Chiropractic

Known as Dr. G by most of her patients, Dr. Gail Goldberg is a chiropractor with a strong belief in holistic wellness. This means each patient receives an individual treatment plan, meeting their specific needs. Dr. G treats the whole body. She combines chiropractic care with lifestyle, exercise, stretching, and nutrition. The result is less pain and a happier lifestyle. With 40 years of experience, Dr. G has pursued comprehensive education in nutrition, preventative care, energy medicine and progressive alternative therapies. All ages are welcome.

In 2022, Dr. Goldberg moved her practice to her home office, allowing her to provide more personalized and friendly care. She personally works with each patient one-on-one and provides comprehensive, judgement-free planning. The result is extremely loyal and extremely happy patients. 


Reviews from our patients

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I can’t say enough about Doctor Goldberg! I have been going to Dr. G. for 15 years and she has made my quality of life so much better. She has kept me pain-free and active.

Her knowledge of the body and how everything works is amazing. Her wonderful personality is also a bonus.

Sharyn R.

I was so lucky to have found Dr. G! I have been religiously coming in to see her for a year now and I can’t imagine life without her care! What I most love about Dr. G’s care is she really takes her time with therapy as well as treatment. She teaches all her patients to be better and implement ways for good health at home. She can always pin point the root of the problem and provide advice and proper care for whatever you need. 100% recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Ashley S.

Dr. G is wonderful and so knowledgeable! She is helping me manage pain during my pregnancy, but also has helpful advice for nutrition, healthy lifestyle, etc. I love coming here!
Morgan F.

Dr. G is great at what she does. I break myself every week doing martial arts and she puts me back together again. Her adjustments are minor but make a big impact on my quality of life. With her vast experience, she’s able to spot things before they become a bigger issue and provide guidance on how to correct it. I highly recommend going to see her if you’re having any issues.
Miles C.

Dr G is awesome. I have been going to her for 21 years. Her adjustments are gentle but very effective. She doesn’t twist you like a pretzel to get you adjusted. She listens to what you’re struggling with and helps you.
Dawn D.

I have suffered with lower back pain for years. I hurt my back in February of 2021 and sought help from a local Chiropractor in South West Florida. After months of care to alleviate pain in my upper and lower back pain there was no improvement. A friend highly recommended Dr. Gail Goldberg and I traveled from Ft. Myers, Florida to Cary, North Carolina to see her for treatment.

Dr. Goldberg worked on my back for 4 days, provided me with daily exercises to help loosen and strengthen my muscles, and gave me information to help maintain my health when I returned home. She is an amazing Chiropractor who is passionate about the health and overall wellness of her patients. Since visiting Dr. Goldberg, the muscles in my back feel great. She is always available to speak to me by phone and has really made a difference in my daily life.

Dana M.