Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

At Advanced Chiropractic, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) therapy. Designed to mimic the rejuvenating benefits of a natural forest retreat, the QEWB provides a comprehensive healing experience in just one 60-minute session. The bed, which is thoughtfully lined with titanium, masterfully combines heat, sound, and quantum energy to establish a potent quantum field. This unique approach promotes optimum wellness, tapping into the natural codes and programs within our body’s fields.

Certified Provider

Dr. Goldberg is a certified provider of Quantum Energy Wellness Bed therapy.

Created by Ralph Suddath with over 30 years of expertise in alternative medicine, the QEWB champions natural healing. As our energies wane in today’s world, this bed acts as a vital energy restorer. It taps into our body’s innate healing potential. Beyond therapy, the QEWB recharges us, potentially up to 99%. Experience nature’s essence and quantum healing at our facility.

Holistic Rejuvenation

Harness the healing effects of heat, sound, and quantum energy for a comprehensive mind and body refresh.

Natural Healing Activation

Amplify your body’s energy reserves and tap into intrinsic codes for profound recovery.

Stress & Fatigue Relief

Experience the tranquility of a forest retreat, alleviating daily stress and tiredness.

Optimum Wellness

Achieve peak wellness states and balance through a powerful standing quantum field.

Supports Self-Healing

Provides the body essential resources for intelligence-driven healing process.

Experience Nature's Power

Condensed healing properties of nature ensure a potent dose of wellness in every session.

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Our Philosophy

Learn what to expect at Advanced Chiropractic

Your care begins with you. While Dr. Gail Goldberg aims to serve as a trusted guide, the patients that are likely to succeed at Advanced Chiropractic are ready to begin a structural journey. All care begins with a physical exam and applied kinesiology, but ultimately nutrition and whole-body wellness are important to achieving the results you desire.

Dr. G works with patients of all ages to form an individualized plan based on their specific needs. She'll ask you a series of questions to help get to the root of your problems. Most patients know more about their body than they realize. By asking questions and understanding your history and routines, Dr. G. can help you understand your needs and form a realistic and judgment-free plan that you can stick to.