The best way to heal your body is from within. Our bodies naturally work hard to filter out the toxins in our environment and diets, including pollution, food additives, smoke, and chemical compounds. But we can help our bodies along the way. Dr. Goldberg works with each patient individually to help find foods to avoid and foods to concentrate on to ease specific ailments. Nutrition is an important part of creating a holistic plan for each patient.

Certified Provider

Dr. Goldberg is a certified provider of many innovative pain relief and management techniques, including:

IonCleansing Detoxifying Foot Bath

Includes manual manipulation of the spine and extremity joints.

Cytotic Testing

Instruments that reduce the amount of pressure needed.

SHAPE ReClaimed

Four-Pronged Approach: Decreases inflammation, strengthens immune function, detoxes + cleanses, and releases excess weight.

Our Philosophy

Learn what to expect at Advanced Chiropractic

Your care begins with you. While Dr. Gail Goldberg aims to serve as a trusted guide, the patients that are likely to succeed at Advanced Chiropractic are ready to begin a structural journey. All care begins with a physical exam and applied kinesiology, but ultimately nutrition and whole-body wellness are important to achieving the results you desire.

Dr. G works with patients of all ages to form an individualized plan based on their specific needs. She'll ask you a series of questions to help get to the root of your problems. Most patients know more about their body than they realize. By asking questions and understanding your history and routines, Dr. G. can help you understand your needs and form a realistic and judgment-free plan that you can stick to.